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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Chick Flick that Won My Heart

We have a guest poster today .....   Thanks for the post, Kathy Shelton.

The chick flick that has become my favorite is John Tucker Must Die. I went to see this movie with my mother and sister in 2004 and it was a better movie than I had been expecting.   The plot is one of the more unique plots that I have seen for a chick flick and it has a very creative meaning.

The most popular boy in school dates a different girl from each clique so that they will never find out about each other. But when two gym periods get put into one, they finally find out the truth. The three girls who were all dating John Tucker use the new girl in school to get even with him. They make him fall in love with her and then they break his heart. Finally, he learns that if he is going to have more than one girlfriend, he has to make sure that they all know about it. 

Jesse Metcalfe and Brittney Sow star in this chick flick and they do an incredible job. Brittney Snow plays the new girl Kate who is an innocent girl who has never had a boyfriend before. She makes the role really fun and comical to watch. So whenever I feel the need to watch my favorite chick flick, I turn on the new tv I got after I asked myself the question, how much is satellite tv and was amazed by the anwser!

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