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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Give it to God

I know that there are LOTS of very very strong people out there.

I know that sometimes we are so determined that we will be strong and can handle everything and anything that is thrown at us, that we are devastated when we find that we can't.  We feel like we are failures when in reality we are just HUMAN.  When you are feeling this way, I suggest

It doesn't mean that we are weak or not capable of doing something - it means that we have accepted the fact that sometimes we need a little "extra" help getting everything done that we are juggling at the moment.  It is actually a sign that we are strong because we are willing to accept "help" and the love of a higher being who really does love us and accepts us just the way we are!

And if He can accept that we can't always handle everything and sometimes we need a little help from time to time ....... who are we to think differently?

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