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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pearl Harbor Dec 7, 1941

Today is the day that we were told by President Roosevelt, that will live in infamy.

It is the day we lost almost our entire Pacific fleet.
It is the day that we lost so many men stationed at Pearl Harbor.
It is the day that cemented our entrance into World War II.

I have been to Pearl Harbor and visited the memorial over the USS Arizona.  As you can see here, it is positioned over the ship in such a way that you can see the Arizona.

It's a beautiful site to see.  When I was there, many years ago, you could still see oil or fuel or something slowly seeping up from the ship.  
There is an awesome wall where all those who died that day were commemorated.  

It truly is a site to see and to feel.  I still remember walking up the ramp to the memorial and feeling as if I was being drawn into that day.  Almost as if someone needed me to feel their presence.  
And I did.  
Now don't be getting all jiggy on me, but there is definitely a feeling of awe and reverence as you walk up the ramp.

If you ever get the chance .. please take the time to visit.  You won't regret it.

Let us continue to teach our children and remind our leaders of our history, like this, so that we won't be doomed to repeat those mistakes again.

Our children are much too precious for that.