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Saturday, December 10, 2016

It's the Mid DECEMBER brochure!!

I had to jump on here to let you know that the 
Tupperware Mid December brochure is HERE!!  


There are some great deals in this one just in time for Christmas.

You need to order quickly if you want it to be available for under the tree giving, but it is pretty darned awesome if I do say so myself.  Oh and if you order $99 or more before midnight Dec 13th .. Shipping is FREE.

You could get the Be Dazzled 10-pc. Wonderlier Bowl set and have everything you need to preparing meals or treats all year round. Or you could get the Ultimate Collection for just $20 more and be set for all that AND some liquid concoctions too.
Or share with a friend and each would get a colorful 5-pc Wonderlier Bowl Set.

These pieces are pretty great for entertaining... 
The Kids Mini Serving set is so cute if you have a little one who has one of those little kitchens or likes to have sit down parties with his or her stuffed animals.  Just remember they are MINI so they are for little ones.

The Giant Canister and Large Storage Tote are great for ornaments or tree lights and such for the holidays but also for other things during the year.  I like the giant canister for things like popcorn and pretzels and I bet you could make a big batch of trail mix or chex mix and store in there.
Just remember these are only available for a short time ... must be ordered by December 30th or they will be gone.

I LOVE the 9 pc Vent N Serve Set.  I have mine in blue and use it all the time.  Because the base is not a solid color, you can see what is in the container when you have it in the refrigerator (A must in my house or everyone ignores it) so your planned leftovers are eaten not thrown away with "stuff" growing on them.
If you want this set for free .. you need to book a party and have it submitted before January 13, 2017 and have $600 in sales plus have 2 friends book future parties.  
Yes it can be a book party or a FB party to qualify.

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