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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Modular Mates means ORGANIZATION in your Life!

It's almost a new year.
It's almost time for that ball to drop.
It's time for the Tupperware Annual 

I love these pieces!
I have so many of these pieces in my kitchen, that I can be sure that I can only pick up what I need instead of having a "ton" of extra flour or sugar or whatever.

Even though the pictures of the Ladies Legos show at December 31st start .... Tupperware has started it early for us.  I'm excited because it means you can get your cabinets organized even earlier!! We can order TODAY and be sure our pieces will arrive while we are still in the New Year Organization Mode!

This month you have your choice of either Popsicle, which is a red color,

or the black color that we have had in the last catalog that so many loved because it was able to co-ordinate with any kitchen.

Not sure what size to get?
Of course we have a chart for that!

If you have an older home with shallower cabinets the square and oval will fit perfectly. probably leaving a little bit of space.
If you have deeper cabinets, the rectangular and super ovals will fit from back to front.

Again, I have used both.
I have many of the oval pieces are used for my spices.  I usually purchase spices in bulk and put into the Tupperware Modular Mates to keep them fresh and make them much easier to stack in the cabinet.  I also use them to make my own spice blends ... and Tupperware keeps them fresh and organized!

And if you order BEFORE midnight on January 6th you can also get this big beautiful bowl for just $15 .. that is not offered very often so don't miss out.

If you want this bowl, you need to order directly with me as it is a party guest special and not available online at this price.

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