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Thursday, December 15, 2016

LimeLight Gifts to share

I know some of you know that I have joined up with LimeLight because I really wanted to have Professional Makeup but never wanted to pay the normal Professional Prices.  I guess you could say I'm just too "cheap" for that.  
I have always had a problem spending money on myself, especially when it came to makeup.  Now I can have professional make up without the cost.  I really am happy that I can say I'm a LimeLighter.

I love this lip gloss.  It goes on really smooth and doesn't make you feel like you have a ton of lip gloss on, but does give your lips some color. Does it help add a pop of color or just a hint?  That's up to you.

The eyeliner pen is something I can't wait to try (I just got mine).  I have never been able to use eyeliner like this because I always seemed to have way way too much on.  This one looks so easy to use and if its like the rest of the products I have tried already ... I will be using this one often.  
And at under $20 each .. perfect!

At prices under $25 you could never go wrong.  Because this professional makeup is so highly pigmented (50% vs less than 10% for those store bought makeups we can get) you can use so much less than you normally do .. they will last so much longer.

The blush is outstanding.  I use mine every day.  Whether I am just staying home or going out to work or running errands, I use my Botanical Foundation and Blush and look put together without looking "made up".
The Enduring Lip Color is my favorite lip color so far and I have tried many different "brands". What I like with these are that the color is great, its super easy to use and it doesn't leave color everywhere (no colored lip impressions on my coffee cups).  

And the Perfect Mascara ... well I had gotten another companies Fiber mascara as part of a kit I bought and was afraid to use it based on some reviews I had read and my contacts.  I tried this mascara with its fiber included in the container (so no two steps or was it three?) and I LOVE it.  I admit I have only used it a few time to date, but I have not had any problems with it.  I'm going to keep this on my must have list.

I love being able to keep my brushes clean without having to make it a big production.  Before I got the Come Clean brush cleaner, I admit I would put off cleaning my brushes because it was always a big deal.  Now it is almost a rinse, swish swish, rinse, done.  

Yes pretty much that's it! And I think my brushes feel better because of it.

I have just started using the Blenderful sponge to put on my foundation but I think this is part of what makes my makeup look "seamless".  Of course their foundation has really helped too!

And with all of these are under $30 you would be a superstar if you added these to their stocking or made it an After Christmas surprise! 

Want to find these products or see what else LimeLight has to offer?  
Check it out here.  Any questions?  I'm here.

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