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Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Tupperware Sales Extended !!

Oh happy day!

As most of us have been having a rather disastrous January, as far as the weather goes, Tupperware is going to give us the ability to still get some of those great January SALES in February.  Now personally I think that is a fantastic deal ... especially since the silly ground hog decided that we can all use an additional 6 weeks of Winter ........ like we haven't had enough already!!

You can check this out on my Tupperware Site or if you want to jump on into my current online party (link is on the top right sidebar) you can take advantage of these deals.

Remember January has always been Tupperware's Modular Mate Sale month, and this year was no exception.  I am so happy that it has been extended to February 14th - for anyone who didn't have an opportunity to get some (or if you want more) because of the wonderful January weather we had.

And then we had some really nice items to make breakfast easier - you got it those are on the extended sale too!

Oh and that really cute Valentine's Day themed cookie keeper and Red Travel Mug (yes that is part of my Sweet February Giveaway Hop prize that starts tomorrow) is also still available.  It really is sharp looking and the travel mug ... well personally I think travel mugs ROCK!

So if you aren't really interested in the Super Bowl (or only watch for the commercials) you could hop on over to my Tupperware Site or Join my Current Party and pick up some of these extended sale items, as well as check out what else we have to offer.  And remember my personal Tupperware Deal that I explained here at the bottom of the post .... that's still around too!

Any questions - message me or leave a comment here and I will get back to you.

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