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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Because you said I COULDN'T

This is just so perfect.

There are so many "professionals" that tell us when our kids are in school that we "shouldn't require" them to do the best that they can.  That we "shouldn't" tell them that they CAN BE ANYTHING that they set their minds to.  Believe me I went through that one and about blew a gasket when the "counselor/social worker" told me I shouldn't be letting my kids set their sights "too high" because they will be "disappointed".

Well THAT I think is part of the problem - we are so afraid that they will be "disappointed" and we don't want their "feelings to get hurt" if they fail - because it might "damage their egos" .......

Because of this, many kids never really know what their potential is.
If you just shoot for the easy, then you never know just how great you can be.

We really need to spread this one around so that all of our kids, boys AND girls, know that they can.

Sometimes I want to be "in their face" when those "professionals" tell us that we should "settle" and not "push" our kids.  I want them to be the best they can, I don't want them to settle and YOU shouldn't either.

We NEED to be the BEST that WE CAN BE!
We need to be able to fail 
so that we can learn how NOT to do something 
but then it really wouldn't be a fail, 
would it?

We NEED to shoot for the moon,
 if we miss at least we are among the stars .... 

WE CAN do it so I'll 
NOT SETTLE for anything less!

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