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Friday, January 31, 2014

Tupperware Parties - better than ever

Have you looked at Tupperware lately?  
Do you know what Tupperware has to offer now?  
We are so much more than those old "burp bowls".  

Not that there is anything wrong with a "burp" bowl - we still have those.  I have a few of those.

And this set of Wonderlier Bowls (yes this HUGE set) is coming for a limited time in a few weeks (shhh its the February brochure), but you can get our "smaller" set of three at anytime, and of course they are wonderful too.

Or the Thatsa Bowls - if you need LARGE bowls (Medium holds 19 cups, Mega holds 42 cups!)

But we have so many more things for your kitchen and your parties.

Like these great microwave pieces.
This one, TupperWave Cook-It™ 2¼-Qt./2.25 L Bowl, or the smaller TupperWave Cook-It™ 1½-Qt./1.5 L Bowl, is great for soups and stews in the microwave.

I will be using mine, I think, for some Super Bowl Chili this weekend.

Like our UltraPro cookware ...
that are Microwave AND Oven Safe!
Just look at this great recipe that you can make with UltraPro cookware

I don't have the round UltraPro, but I've made this in the smaller rectangle one 
and may just have to make this again this weekend.

And then there is the Smart Steamer.  This one is a dream in the microwave!  Everyone is hopping on the healthier cooking train and having steamed meals to retain the vitamins and minerals in veggies is at the top of the list.  This steamer is PERFECT.  The only thing that is exposed to the microwave is the water in the bottom container - the microwaves heat this water to boiling, that then steams the food to perfection!  There are so many wonderful meals that can be made in this baby, not just veggies!  I even have a recipe to make your own Sliders that I will email you with your order that are like those White Castle ones, only BETTER.

And remember - if you order from me directly, or join in on my current online party (that is not on a party with a hostess/friend) by putting in your name and email address, saying you will not attend you can then place your order, AND your order is more than $50,

I will send you a Tupperware eGift Certificate, to use on a future order!

I am sending these certificates in $5 denominations -
order product of  $50 to $100 get $5 certificate,
order $100 to $150 get $10 certificate,

$150 to $200 get $15 certificate or talk to me about being/having your own party (with TupperConnect for family and friends to order too) and get hostess credits/bonuses too!

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