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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

I don't know about you ... but the hype and brew-haha over this year's Super Bowl in NEW JERSEY is really getting to me.  And to be honest I'm not a big football fan anymore.

Oh I use to be a BIG fan.  I use to love to watch the games every week and then the AWESOMENESS of the Super Bowl (ok some years it is really lopsided) with those great commercials.  But lately its all about the money, the super egos of the players (I know not all the players but they are over-shadowed by those that have egos the size of the Grand Canyon) and the trash talk.

Yes the trash talk ..... and what seems to be a LACK of Geographical knowledge as to where the Meadowlands is.
East Rutherford is NOT in New York, 
The Met Life Stadium is NOT in New York 
 NOT even a suburb of New York .... 

Why is that so hard for them to say?  it's in NEW JERSEY.  

Even Batman knows where it is being played ... what is the matter with those "big time" sportscasters and the NFL itself ??  

Let's hope there are some REALLY GOOD commercials this year - lately that's been the BEST PART of the Super Bowl .....

Or maybe this will be the year it goes back to being a GREAT game?

Now that I feel a bit better, 
who are you routing for?  

The Seahawks?  
The Broncos? 
Or the Commercials?

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