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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I know I have been posting since the start of the wonderful tax season we just completed (Ok maybe for some of us it wasn't so "wonderful") but I haven't been as interactive with you as I have been previously.

Well that has to change - I really missed being with you all.  I hope you missed me too.

I am 

I'm back with some really great Tupperware products at FANTASTIC prices.  The Mid April Girlfriend Set is such a great deal - grab your bestest girlfriend and check it out.

I received the Mid April brochure for Tupperware and then saw the new Summer Catalog, coming soon, AND the Birthday Week brochure that is soooo AWESOME I was really amazed at the new offerings and prices.  I know I will be ordering all kinds of new things and I just know you will want some too.

 Check out this opportunity above.  If you are interested in purchasing this set with your girlfriend - and do so by April 26th I will send you a Thank You gift - one for each of you!  Now I can't tell you what I will send you - but it will be something useful just like this set!

All this can be purchased on my Tupperware Site along with other great Sale items.  Let me know, either message me here or email me, if you would like to try doing a book party to qualify for the AWESOME hostess bonus for April!

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