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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mid March Tupperware .... Final Call

I don't know if you had seen this before (I know I've "advertised" the Mid March Sale items) but I just had to show you one more time some of the great things you can pick up on my Tupperware site until Midnight on Friday.

The items in this picture have made my refrigerator "neater" looking (no more lunch meat baggies in my fridge) and I have to tell you when I buy head lettuce it lasts for as long as I want it to! No more brown, yucky head lettuce in this house. I have a head of lettuce that is sitting in that lettuce keeper for no lie 3 weeks that is as fresh and crispy and nice as if I had just bought it! I know I was a little skeptical so of course we put it to the test .... it is passing with FLYING colors!!

And that Jumbo bread keeper is the BEST!  I am really glad I picked up a few of these.  I had am Irish Soda bread that was put into one of mine and ........ well somebody thought it was "empty" and put it in the cabinet.  I thought the bread was eaten until I went to put another loaf of bread into a keeper and reached for it. 

I was afraid, I admit, when I opened it ...... but it was FRESH no mold, no mystery contents!  And at this price you could get more than one without blinking!

This lunch "set" is really so wonderful. You make a "fashion" statement without having to give up your "bag" lunch - no more brown bags for you! I bet your daughter or granddaughter would like this too ... just think how cool she will be bringing her lunch to school in this piece!  And then it has those great co-ordinated Tupperware pieces for the actual food/drink!  It is definitely a win.

These are just a few of the things that I have loved in the Mid-March catalog.  You can still pick these up until Friday at midnight ...... so one more time the 1 page quickie of what is available on Sale. 
Remember these and so much more can be found on my Tupperware site or you could jump in on the "always going" online party (link at top of page on right sidebar).

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