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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Party Arti Dip

hmmmm this just looks sooo good!

I don't know if you have seen this already but this looks like a fabulous conversation starter or part of a great cocktail party food!  And the Quick Chef Pro (wonderful eco-friendly product) makes all kinds of wonderful things just like this and more - is on SALE until May 10th!  Oh and the Stack Cooker they are talking about above .... can be picked up for 1/2 price during Birthday Month!

And of course if you have seen my Tupperware page you already know this is on SALE until May 10th. 

There are lots and lots of things on sale with the Mid April brochure that you should check out so you don't want to miss out.  The Summer Catalog is also open that has some FABULOUS things in brand new colors (personally I love the new mint ice cream color). 

OH OH AND don't miss out on the Birthday Month specials!  May is Tupperware's 65th birthday and we have WONDERFUL sales for that too!  From my Tupperware Page, you can view all the brochures and catalogs (online catalog link right sidebar).  Check it out!

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