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Friday, March 8, 2013

Tupperware Mid February Brochure Final Day

Today is the last day for the Mid February brochure with all these great products that are on sale

Especially the oh so awesome Krazy 8's ........ that would be an awesome awesome Girlfriend set!  Both of you get the same products at half the cost ....... buy 1 Set and split it so you both get the great 4 piece bowl set, you both get 4 awesome tumblers (I love the no spill feature) and you both get 4 microwaveable cereal bowls!  I wish I had had these when my kids were little - the tumblers would be great in the car or on a stroll and just think of the possibilities for the cereal bowls!  And then you get the bowl set is some really great colors!  AND you get to split the cost between you.

I don't have one ... so I will be ordering one before tonight at midnight ... but how about that cake keeper and then getting the egg server for FREE!  Such a great way to serve (and take) deviled eggs anywhere!  I think this would be so great for holiday parties or Summer parties where everyone expects to see some deviled eggs - what a pretty way to show them off (before they are devoured)

Oh and don't forget if you were to order through my online party, you could be my Mystery Hostess and win the awesome Hostess bonus that is only available in the Mid February AND Mid March brochure.  Don't know what I'm talking about?   Check out Be My Mystery Tupperware Hostess before you order ... just be sure, if you want these items, to make your purchase before midnight tonight!

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