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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Home-made Dryer Sheet by Tupperware!


Home made dryer sheets. 

Using a Tupperware Pic-A-Deli and a sponge. 
SUPER Easy and you NEVER have to buy those paper dryer sheets again!  
No more adding to the landfills.

What you need:

Liquid Laundry Softener
1 Sponge
1 Pic-A-Deli Container
  (its for more than just pickles!)

Mix 1 part Liquid Laundry Softener with 2 parts Water in your Pic-A-Deli Container.
Take a regular sponge and cut it in half or quarter depending on the size of your sponge.
Drop the pieces into your softener solution.

When ready to put a load in the dryer, take out one sponge piece, squeeze out excess softener and toss in the dryer.

Next load, put the dry sponge back in container take another sponge piece and to toss in with your clothes.

You will always have one at the ready!

You will no longer fill our landfills with hundreds of used dryer sheets, you save money!
When you do have to buy more fabric softener you will find that you have added less to the landfill because you have to buy less often AND your not buying sheet....

You can use the Large Pic-A-Deli ($19 online) for this BUT as part of the March Sale items, the small square Pic-A Deli's are bogo right now for $12.50 at a party!  I always have a party going on (not just the online party) - so message me and I will call you for your info so you can get this great product AND go GREEN! 

I know I'm picking up a set or two of the small ones -- I'm thinking pickles, olives, roasted red peppers AND my home-made dryer sheets!
I have to thank Cynthia Purcell another Tupperware Consultant for reminding me of this great idea. 

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