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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tupperware makes Bridal Shower Gifts Easy

I have just recently found out that a dear friend finally popped the question.  I thought, along with many of our friends, he would never get around to asking ....... they have been an "item" for what seems like forever!

Well Sunday night I found out that he finally decided it was time to get "serious".  Now a wedding present is easy - no matter what, money is always a great gift to help 1) pay for the wedding and honeymoon and 2) get their home consolidated and "fixed up" they way they want it.

But now we will have the Bridal Shower some time between now and October ..... what to do, what to do, what to get, what to get.  So many options.  I need some help.

Being a Tupperware lover as well as a consultant, I would think that a big box of Tupperware would surely be expected.  This is where you all come in.

If you were going to a bridal shower or were the soon to be new bride, what Tupperware would you like to see in a box.  What item or items do you think I should include in my present?

You know, at least I hope you know, we are NOT you Momma's Tupperware.  We at Tupperware have all kinds of wonderful things available at some great prices AND we are Eco-friendly!  Oh and of course there is that lifetime warranty....  We still have some great tried and true pieces that have been around "forever" because they last and are just plain fabulous.  We also have some great "new" products that keep step with us modern women (and men).

Ive done a quick mental note of things I have and use often and these are some of my initial thoughts on what to put in the box.

Now this would be great for entertaining
And this would be great for small prep work for those just him and her dinners,

And of course this would be a perfect way to help keep their refrigerator organized as they both try to eat healthier at home.

So what do you think?  Check out the latest catalog and products on my Tupperware Site and tell me what you would put in your box for a Bridal Shower, or what you would have liked to have seen in your box when you were a new bride to be.


I bet I could make something like these from just the little "catchall" Tupperware pieces (measuring cups/spoons/spatula etc) before I add a larger item ... this could be fun.  What do you think?  Would this be a cute idea?

I know you all have great ideas and will help me get started on a wonderful Bridal Shower Gift.  And who knows, by the end of the week I could have a wonderful list to choose from - or maybe add them all and then I may have to have a drawing of all appropriate answers for a little thank you Tupperware gift ....... see another reason to help out .... stay tuned.

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