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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chicken and Stuffing without the Oven!

I received this recipe from my Tupperware Director the other day - we had been talking about some of the wonderful recipes I had found that could be made in the Stack Cooker.  It really does sound so simple and YUMMY!! And I can attest to it being yummy - since I made it the day after receiving it!

  • Whole Chicken 
  • 2 Tbs. of Chipotle Seasoning (or any seasoning you like)
  • 1 Onion 
  • 1 Box of Cornbread Stuffing 


Wash and Clean chicken, best to use small chicken (4 lbs or so to fit)
Place in bottom of the 3 Qt. TupperWave Casserole of the Stack Cooker and sprinkle with Southwest Chipotle seasoning or another seasoning you'd prefer.  It is ESPECIALLY good with BBQ sauce.  Chop or slice onion and sprinkle around and on chicken.

 Cook, covered, for 7 minutes per pound on high in the microwave.

When there is only 5 minutes of cooking time left, open up the cooker and sprinkle the Stuffing, right from the box, around the chicken and using a spatula, push the stuffing into the broth.
If the stuffing appears to be too dry, you can sprinkle with a little bit of water or broth on top, then re-cover and return to microwave to finish cooking.

This is delicious and so moist...YOU have to try it!!  I know I tried this one and loved it.  I was thinking I would use the colander part to steam some carrots, but it was too high for my microwave.  I did them separately in colander and stuffing in smaller casserole while my chicken rested.   Seriously chicken, stuffing and veggies for dinner in less than an hour - heck you might even have time to make some biscuits!

Other Serving Suggestions: Serve for dinner with Vegetables, use the chicken for Tacos, Salad, Nachos or try it with the mini chicken and smoked gouda sandwiches posted earlier.  I think I'm going to do that this week too, since this makes a lot of moist chicken.

No picture right now - but I will be taking one from my next dinner as soon as I can.  I was so busy getting other things together I forgot to take the picture before it was partially "inhaled".  But because it is super easy and quick I know I will be making this often.  I may even try it with chicken pieces - they always seem to have chicken pieces on sale by me.

I have a whole new appreciation for cooking in the microwave - something I would never do until recently - first with my Celebrating Home Bean Pot and now this Awesome Stack Cooker by Tupperware!  You really should try it - let me know if you want to order one - I can help!  Just check out my Tupperware Site (kat1126) for these products and more!


Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

I never realized cooking a chicken in the microwave was so easy. I usually use mine for "Heating Up". I guess I should consider it more often!

angelaparsonmyers said...

Sounds yummy! Don't have the Tupperware cooker, but bed I have other ways of doing it.

angelaparsonmyers said...


Lisa Weidknecht said...

What a great idea. I'm going to try this!

Kat @ Inspiration CAN be Found Everywhere said...

Blonde that's what I use to think. Somehow with this stack cooker or my bean pot I have been using the microwave to cook more than warm up.
Its been fun....and the pieces have a really nice look to them - some go from prep to cook to table to dishwasher .... making it all very time manageable for busy moms/wives/folks.
Time crunch is no longer an excuse for fast food stops