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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bialetti Aeternum Pan

Last week I picked up a Bialetti Aeternum EASY 10 1/4" Saute Pan, in silver, that was on sale ($10) at my local grocery store.  Yes I was walking the aisles just "looking" when this pan just called out to me.

I had just gotten rid of a bunch of my non-stick frying pans because they were becoming less and less non-stick and more and more stick ........  I thought the pan would be a nice change, with its white interior (all of mine are dark grey).

This pan has a nonstick "nano-ceramic" interior that just sounded like it would be "cool".  As the label said "White nonstick coating allows excellent monitoring of food while cooking".  I liked that it was also PFOA and PTFE Free, although I had no idea exactly what that meant ..... it just sounded like it was much better to be "free of those" alphabets than to worry about them.

I have to say this was a fabulous pan to cook in.  It really does work well and really is NON-stick, even without oils or sprays, right out of the gate.  All I did was wash it (by hand) before using and then started cooking with it.  I've cooked Pork Roll (Taylor Ham for some folks) that I was able to make perfect - no "raw" spots and just the right amount of "crunchies" for my taste.  And nothing stuck.  I even made eggs for breakfast that were perfectly cooked without oil/butter and not one stuck ....... so my "once over" eggs came out of the pan and onto the plates without mishap.

I made meatballs as part of Sunday's dinner (with a nice baked ravioli but that's another pot and pan) that required NO oil to cook.  Again the browning was perfect, no burned crunchies just nice browning.  I was able to literally wipe out the pan of any oils from the ground beef ..... and then I just put them back into the pan with sauce and herbs and cover to slowly cook in the sauce. 

The only thing I'm not overly thrilled with ..... can't be put in the dishwasher - but it cleans up so quickly and well - you don't really miss it.  Oh and it can't be stacked (unless you put something in between) because the interior can be scratched.

If you would like to see this pan in action, check out the New Bialetti Aeternum Cookware Video that I found on Bialetti's website.

But with all those "problems" I went out yesterday and picked up another pan.  Yes I now have two of them, a silver grey one and a purple one. 

If you are looking for a great saute pan - this could be it.  You really should look for one of these and add it to your collection.  Or if you can only have a few pans in your kitchen (wow and I thought my kitchen was small) this is a great pan for you.

Now I have to find a few more of these as pots (on sale) ....... I could very easily become a Bialetti Girl!

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