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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Fresh Diet Returns AGAIN

Well I received a new visit from my wonderful Fresh Diet Fairy now that the New Year has dawned.  I had stopped my deliveries just before Christmas - because of all the visits/parties/family gatherings and then I took a trip to Florida to visit the condo my family purchased just after Thanksgiving.  Then of course we had the "attack" of the winter's wrath .........

I started the morning with a wonderful breakfast of Artichoke and Brie Cheese, Parsley Omelet with Seven Grain Toast.  I was a little surprised (happily) with the amount of Artichokes in this Omelet.  I liked the fact that the Brie was delivered in a cup so that once I warmed everything up, I had the choice of adding inside my omelet or taking a little with each bite.  So since I had the choice I did both.  I took a little with each bite, until I was about 1/2 finished with the omelet, then spread the remaining Brie inside the omelet and folded it back up.  Both ways were great, but I really did like having the option.

Lunch was a Grilled Tilapia Wrap on Whole Wheat Wrap with Sauteed Shallots & Lettuce.  This was a little "messy" while eating but was really good.  I think because the fish was moist and then the Shallots were sauteed and very moist, the wrap got a little soggy - not that it deterred from the taste one iota.  I think I will be on the look out for this one again.  I really enjoyed it.

My snack was a past favorite, Pink Poached Pear Filled with Creamy Ricotta Cheese and Honey Roasted Walnuts.  It is really pretty to look at and very nicely flavored.  What I also really like is that the pear is not overly firm or soft .... just enough "bite" to make it interesting with the filling. 

Dinner was Roasted Pork Meatballs with Roasted Tomato Alfredo Sauce with Herbed Barley Pilaf and Steamed Cauliflower.  When I looked at my container, I had 2 thoughts.  The first was 2 whole meatballs?  I am going to be hungry later that's for sure.  And then the second - You really are color challenged.  I have white plates and seem to pick a lot of "white" sides.  I have to say that after I heated up my entree and plated it - I cut the meatballs in half - it did make it seem like there were even more on my plate - but as I finished eating I realized that I was really rather full.  Surprise Surprise.  There must be some sort of magic in The Fresh Diet kitchens. 

Dessert was Sugar Free Boston Cream Pie.  I have had this before as well, and still can not believe that it is sugar free.  I really do defy anyone to taste this and know that it is sugar free.  Very very tasty and a perfect ending to the day.

Thank you so much The Fresh Diet for helping to make my 2011 meals healthy!  Oh and stay tuned for "more" meals that I have scheduled that I will plate on new more colorful plates.  Yes I am going to try to stop being so color challenged in my meal choices and my plating.

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