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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Fresh Diet Jan 19th edition

Yes even with the weather here in the Northeast, I received my meals again this morning.  I do count my blessings each morning that I see my bag sitting outside my door because the weather has been either very very cold or full of either snow, ice, sleet or all three.  My Fresh Diet Fairy (ie delivery person) is a real trooper!

Breakfast was Toasted Granola with Diced Pears and Honey Almond Ricotta Cheese.  This really is a great meal.  It also surprises me at just how filling it is.  I know you are looking at this saying 1) what is that glass ?  Is she really eating breakfast from a Margarita glass? and 2) Is that going to last her until lunch?  Well the answers are Yes, Yes, and Yes!  Each meal should be an "event" for you and that means plating it as nicely as you can so that you don't feel like you are on a diet.  That is my motto and although I don't always do anything "fancy" I always eat my meals on a plate (even if its paper) because if nothing else it helps to train my eyes and brain what a normal portion size is on a plate!

Lunch was a Feta Cheese Salad with Naval Orange Segments, Fennel, Nicoise Olives, Baby Lettuce and Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette.  Now let me say this from the start - you may not be able to see from the picture but you MUST like Feta Cheese or this will not be for you.  I love Feta so it is great for me - there was a HUGE amount of  Feta (diced from the appearance) that complimented the Fennel and Olives.  This one will definitely be seen again on my plate - I LOVED it.

Snack today was Mini Veggie Egg Rolls with Peanut Sauce.  I warmed these up in the microwave, and then put them under the broiler of my toaster oven (probably could have just done that) to make them just a little "crisp".  Let me tell you these could be VERY ADDICTIVE.  The Peanut sauce is really good - too much for me to use - but you can always save it and use on something else .... I bet it would be excellent as a dipping sauce for the Whole Wheat Ciabatta bread ...... just saying.

Dinner was Grilled Chicken Breast with Orange Tea Leaf Sauce with Lemon Parsley Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Steamed Asparagus.   I'm not sure I was all that enamored with the Orange Tea Leaf Sauce, but everything else was wonderful.  I could have Brussels Sprouts and Steamed Asparagus often and be very happy  I will however, give the Orange Sauce another chance when it comes around again in the meal rotation - it could have been an "off" day for either me or the kitchen. 

Dessert was Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Fresh Mango Salsa.  I know a little strange to have something so savory for dessert, but they had 2 savory things that I liked today, so I opted for that - its part of the versatility and variety of The Fresh Diet.  I can't find the picture I took of this wonderful dessert - but when I find it I will add it below.  But I want to keep my posts "up to date" so I don't want to wait too long to post this.  I will find it ........

So tell me ... do you like my new dishes?  Am I breaking out of my "color challenged" mode?

Now my daughter has been having some Fresh Diet meals that she won in a random drawing.  Right now I can tell you that the Salads she has had (goat cheese salad and feta cheese salad) have been great winners.  The Pancakes yesterday were a home run (warmed up at home and then taken with her to classes).  She has tried two of the fish dinners, which really surprised me because she is definitely NOT a fish person - but she did like the Flounder Fillet.  I think she will try less of the fish dishes and more of the other options, but she is branching out.  And as she says "what's not to love about the desserts?"  She's had Chocoholic cake, chocolate chip muffin and grilled shrimp for a snack ..... so far I think she is pretty happy with her selections.

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