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Friday, May 21, 2010

Weight Watchers - Week 1

Well it was NOT a good week for me .... this mornings weigh in was -1 lbs lost or should I say NOT lost, since we actually showed a 1 lb gain! Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper this morning. But I did at least make a good dent in getting things "prepared" for a good start - so maybe we will use this past week as a do-over so to speak. And I do know that I did not get in anywhere near as much water per day that I need nor did I really get in any productive exercise.

I have 3 Hungry Girl Cookbooks (just picked up 1-2-3 yesterday) and have put all the WW point values next to each recipe. I also have a number of WW recipe magazine-type books (which obviously have the points already calculated for me) and I have gotten things "set up", with a number of books I have "accumulated" that I will be calculating the points values for in the future, including some for diet "comfort" foods that really look good.

I have my journal all set up/ready to start the week and I will be using it each and EVERY day - so I'm not guessing at the end of the day if I have had enough points or if I've dipped into my "weekly" extra points. I have already posted breakfast for today (not too bad I guess at 5 points) but I need to be a little better here too.

I'm also going to be doing more "blog surfing" of those WW followers/leaders/lifers/winners that have some fantastic looking/sounding dishes and I'm going to make the family a part of this as well. No more cooking something different for them, although I will probably have more bread/rolls for them to have with their dinners than I will eat (hopefully) .

Here are a few that I have found and are WW success stories, whether they have reached their goal or not - they are encouraging me (even though they don't really know it)

Leading the weigh Heather is THE WW Queen, a success story AND former WW Leader!

Msbitchcakes I LOVE this lady!

Skinny taste Gina's WW Recipes are wonderful

Who are you diet Lori is great at sharing her Family Stories and Recipes

Pudget 1 Jessica proves that Losing Weight doesn't have to cost a fortune, but does have to taste great

Loser for Life Can't forget Marisa - she's still working it but proves to me that you CAN lose weight and have a fun and full family life, with all the celebrations that go along with it.

TJ's test kitchen Sometimes a picture is worth a THOUSAND words that make you just WANT to try her recipes.

As I find more and more successful and very "sharing" bloggers I will add them to my list and give them a shout out here - so you too can follow if you please. If you find any that you enjoy - let me know too please.

Ok, off to finish the laundry, get some walking in, figure out what I am going to make for the rest of the meals for today and maybe even tomorrow and then come up with something else to keep myself occupied. Oh and get in some water this morning so I'm not behind AGAIN!

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