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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Come Join My Birthday Month Party

Today is the start of Birthday Month at Tupperware!
Some really great things are happening for Tupperware's 68th Birthday that I will continue to share here each week during the month.
To get you started we have a special Birthday Party set up for you.
Everyone who orders on this party will be in the special giveaway I have for the party. What could you win?
Well everyone who has a Birthday party, 
has a cake right?  

Tupperware has a special cake taker that I thought would be awesome for you.

It's no longer available in our catalogs so you can only get it by winning here!

And I'm including a cake cutter/server.
And then I have a set of these really cute cupcake takers.

I love this cake taker. It can be extended for larger or regular size cakes or collapsed for single layer type cakes or easy storage!

Tupperware always has a "special" brochure just for Birthday Month that you can pick your items from all month long, 

as well as anything 
in the mid month brochures.  We have the mid April right now that ends May 13th (so don't miss out) 

or from the mid May that will be starting on May 14th 
AND the new Summer Catalog with all kinds of new colors and products.

Come join the Birthday party I am having for Tupperware and check out all the wonderful things you can get, the new products, the new colors and entertaining / organizing / storage ideas.  
Who knows, 
you could be the 
winner in the 
birthday party surprise giveaway. 
Good Luck!

Here is week 1 of Birthday Month Surprise!
Check this one out.
Is so worth the original price
now with this deal

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