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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tupperware is having a Birthday and YOU are INVITED!

It seems I see more and more people celebrating their birthday, or at least allowing Facebook to announce it.  
Well I wanted to let you know that Tupperware is having a birthday and we get to celebrate it for a whole month!  

Yes Tupperware will be 69 years young this May.  

And yes that is a long time, but we need to recognize that it was Tupperware who was the first to do "home parties" and it got all those "direct sales" parties going.  Wow ... that is pretty amazing!
So we want to take a second to say 

Now even though we are 69 years young, we still have some awesome products that are perfect for the modern kitchen and your modern lifestyle!

I have a Tupperware Birthday Party set up so that you can join in on the fun.  

Because this party starts before the actual birthday month, you can still order from the Winter/Spring catalog that ends on April 29th and the Mid April brochure that goes until May 13.  

If you haven't seen these, check out the products on my Tupperware Site.

But if you want to order, I would suggest using the May Birthday Month Party link.

And then you can check out the Summer catalog that will start on April 30th 


the Birthday month brochure that will also start on April 30th and go through May 27th!

Just as an added incentive to order through the May Birthday Month Party .. Everyone who orders from this link (and only this link) will be put into the Birthday Prize Bowl.  Someone will win a great birthday prize from me, just for ordering from that link.  
Talk about a win-win!

Hope to see YOUR name in the Party Bowl.

Have a question?  Just ask.
Want to do what I do?  You got it .. just ask.

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