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Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Today is a Birthday Day!

Yes it is "Tax Day"
it is also my baby's

So even though you are not home,
I know you are at your 
"home away from home"

hopefully it is a beautiful day there 
classes won't be too difficult today ...

Maybe this could be your "temptation" for coming home next week to really celebrate right!


1 comment:

starcat19689 said...

Well, I am planning to come home Friday. Today isn't that bad out. oh 80 degrees is just nice its short and skirt weather. Its not Marco Weather but it is nice out. Also only have one class to attend to day thanks to my professor for canceling afternoon class for the day.

I love you thank you for giving birth to me oh 26 years ago. Sorry if I made it hard sometimes to love me. Kisses.