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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Every Year Calendar

 I received a copy of the Every Year Calendar to facilitate my review.  I received no further compensation for my honest review.

I seem to have a problem with calendars.  
I use them for all kinds of things; birthdays, anniversaries, appointments.

But always seem to have lots of "blanks".  

It is in those blanks that I wish I had room to write my feelings about what is going on, kind of like a journal.  

But of course most calendars have tiny spaces to write so thoughts and feelings are out the window.

That is until now.  One of the reasons I think that The Every Year Calendar is great is because it doesn't have a preset date on its pages.  AND has enough room to actually write something.

I am thinking that this would be perfect for all kinds of people.  Yes it would be great for an adult or an entrepreneur - to keep track of all your appointments but to also keep track of your notes about those meetings.  You could use a different page for each appointment.

There are inspirational quotes and questions to get you started making each day special.  

Or to help you bring out your thoughts and feelings on a days happenings.

Or start setting your goals and helping to get them accomplished through organizing your thoughts on the page.

Another great idea is to have a book for each stage of your life. 
What a great place to record their feelings as they go from middle school to high school.  
Or high school to college.  
Or college to that first job.

You could even use this as a writing tool. They have goal setting worksheets that would be great to "get the ball rolling".

I can see this as a great gift to give for every milestone, especially since each book is delivered to you wrapped to make it special right from the opening of the box.

Oh and if what you want is something to "test drive" this with, they have a "teaser" size that is 4 months instead of 12 using the Inspire theme.  Since its not dated, you can use it now or next week or next month because YOU set the dates on the page.  
YOU get to decide how you use this calendar.

Check out The Every Year Calendar and get yours today.  You can start right away - a great start to the summer.  

You won't be disappointed.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go record how I did with my daily intentions and note how things have gone recently with my goals.


Elizabeth said...

I really like the look of this calendar. I could see myself using this as a calendar at work, with lots of space to write notes and to-do lists. Or I could use it as an interesting alternative to my daily journal book. Thanks for the giveaway, and if I don't win I will consider buying myself one!

bn100 said...

this looks helpful to use

Marnie Ward said...

The Every Year Calendar really is something unique and I have never seen before another all-in-one life organizer that has so many great features. I really could utilize all the tools it has to offer and I love that you can journal after each day. The inspirational quotes and questions are a great touch too.