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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend and more!

Today is the start of a special weekend for us.....

1st .... today is my brother Joe's Birthday!!!!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!

2nd .... it is the start of Mother's Day weekend - admit it Mother's Day is too special to be just 1 day!

So I've decided that we are going to make this a "momentous" weekend.  So I am going to have a Party Special for this weekend.  It's an "anyone who orders from me special".

If you place an order with me at any time this weekend, I will send you a gift just to say thank you for joining me this special weekend.

You can message me or email me and I will call you for your info or you can join my current online party and place your order by yourself.  Once I have or see your information I will put together something to send to you just from me.  Could be just about anything .... you won't know until you open your package from me --- like the idea?

If you want to have your own party you can do that as well and then perhaps qualify for FREE Tupperware and Hostess Bonuses!  Just let me know and I can get it set up for you.  Remember that during the month of May (our Birthday month) you can qualify for DOUBLE credits!  IF you do an individual party ... you will qualify for your special gift from me so long as it is opened this weekend AND is submitted by May 20th!  Will get you some extra time to get even more orders for even more bonuses!!

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