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Friday, May 3, 2013

May 5th is coming ..... are you prepared?

Happy almost Cinco de Mayo! ..... are you READY TO PARTY!!!

I just love being able to have "different" things on "special" days.

I know you are sitting there saying what the heck is she talking about?
SALSA ...... When I have salsa sitting out it is always a party.  I know I know its "just" salsa but somehow its not "just", especially when I have Tupperware in my corner.

Picking up these pieces (and they are very affordable this month!) would make it possible to have salsa at your home anytime you wanted ... and you wouldn't have to break a sweat (unless you like spicy salsa).  We even have the spice packages you can use!

Our Orchard Salsa is another great bonus ........ and again soooo easy to make with the Quick Chef Pro and so pretty!

So if you don't already have the Quick Chef Pro, you might want to pick one up (especially since it is on sale this month).
There are a few ways you can grab this on my Tupperware site, or you can ask me for suggestions.

Even Pesto is easy to make with this great piece!  I use mine all the time - it's so much easier to clean than my big food processor (dishwasher safe) ... and I never have "onion hands" when I need to dice onions for anything!  Like I said, I use it ALL the time!

In case you missed it ... here are all the wonderful things that you can still pick up before May 10th as part of the Mid-April Sale.  There are even more things on my Tupperware Site, AND the Summer Catalog is open too!  You can either order directly from my Tupperware site or email me and I will place the order for you.

Until May 10th, you can get the Quick Chef Pro for less than $50 or you could get the Quick Chef Pro AND the Chip and Dip (so you have everything to prepare and serve) for less than $75!  Or you could get the Perfect Prep (Quick Chef Pro, 2 Empanada makers AND 8 Thatsa bowls) for less than $100!  You can order alone or make it a book party and perhaps qualify for the Ice Prisms set among other wonderful hostess bonuses (so many great things available for Birthday Month, if you are interested)

If you order the Perfect Prep 11 Piece set before May 10th from me, I will send you the Amazing Appetizer book for free!  Yes for FREE.  You just need to email me your order confirmation so I can track your order and get your information to send you your book OR I can call you to get your order and be able to add it to your order (so it will be shipped at the same time) ......... Trust me when I tell you I LOVE MINE!

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