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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dream YOUR dream

I just had to share this one.

I think sometimes people (me included) let other people decide just how far they will get in this world. They allow others to determine our "destiny" (I love that word) because they have been convinced that they just aren't worthy of doing those things that they really want to do.

Sometimes those "small minds" are people that you would think are pulling for you, helping you make the right decisions about your future.  They can "help" you or "hold you back" if you let them decide.  Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't worthy of your dreams - go out and prove them wrong.

If you get nothing else from my blog ever, please let this seep into your brain and into your heart ....

YOUR dreams are NEVER EVER too big .... 
YOUR dreams are YOUR dreams
and don't let ANYONE tell you differently
Dream BIG
LIVE your dreams

At the end of the day - only YOU can determine what YOUR dreams are!
Just go DO IT 
as you tell others to WATCH ME!

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