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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tupperware One Week Only Sale Page

I just saw this in my Tupperware mailbox and wanted to make sure that you all saw how great these sale items are AND give you the opportunity to purchase them at these great prices.

Some of the items --- like the butter dish was available in December but not since so if you are interested ... I'd make sure I picked it up this week while its available AND on sale!
And look at the 1-lb butter dish - that you could also use for cream cheese.  The cookie container is great - I may have to pick up another (ok a set of 2) at this price. 

The flat-out set is for 4 sets of 3 for the same price as the 3 sets of 3 in the March brochure --- pretty awesome .... now 4 friends can share or 2 friends could share and have 2 sets each.  So many possibilities.

Here's the only thing.... you can't order these online.  You must order through me directly to get these great prices on these wonderful products.  So if you are interesting in these items - email me and I will place the order for you before Midnight on March 15th!  And I will add you to the list of possible Mystery Hostesses from the Be My Mystery Tupperware Hostess online party running now.

You can order items online through my online party and you are automatically entered (see all the details HERE) and you can order any of these (or all if you want) directly through me and be entered twice. 

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