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Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Tupperware's Mid March Brochure

Today is the FIRST day of the Tupperware Mid March brochure that really adds some great products in the mix.  I have to say I went through the brochure already and have so many things from the brochure that I can't believe how much fun I had.  It was like pick 1 from column A, and 1 from column B and 1 from column C .... oh heck just give me 1 of everything!

The Wild Lunch Kit is soooo great!  I have to say you will be the hit of the lunch room if you come in with this one and I bet even your daughter or grand daughter would love to have this one for school - yes it really is nice.

The flat out containers are sooo perfect - I want more than one in my cabinet .... and with this set you get not 1, not 2 but 9!!!! in 3 different sizes so you could keep them all for yourself (and they are great being able to store up against the wall of your cabinet and pop them open when you need them) or you could share with 2 friends and everyone gets one of each size.

OOOOHH and the bread server/keeper is shear perfection ... I hate when someone leaves the bag open and half of the bread ends up stale within days - this ends that problem forever!  The  fridge stackable set is so great for keeping cold cuts fresh longer - no more throwing out messy lunchmeat within days of purchasing.

Oh don't miss out on our Winnie the Pooh set, who doesn't love Winnie the Pooh?  I got one for a baby gift already sooooo you just know it will be perfect.

Don't miss out on these great products at some pretty great prices because they are only available at these prices during the Mid March brochure .... and some may only be available at any price during this time.  Once this brochure is done, they could be gone forever (well or for a long time),

Oh and don't forget if order through my online party, you could be my Mystery Hostess and win the awesome Hostess bonus that is only available in the Mid March brochure.  Don't know what I'm talking about?   Check out Be My Mystery Tupperware Hostess before you order ... !  The Mystery Hostess Prize is the very same one that is in the lower right corner of the flyer above ... pretty sweet right?

Can you tell I like this month's products?  I really do have a Tupperware Addiction (bet you do too) and love being able to get everything I want at discounted prices being a Tupperware Consultant.  If you want to be one too .... message me or email me and I will tell you more and help you get started! 

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