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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tupperware goes PINK for October

October is going to be an AWESOME month for Tupperware as it goes PINK for October! Take a look at this YouTube video from headquarters (I so love Cheryl) showing all the things you can get during the month of October. I know I will be getting some of those Pink items for me and then maybe some for a giveaway later on in the month - but you may not want to wait until then to snap up some of these products.

Remember I am a your Tupperware Consultant on top of being your bloggy friend, so if you want to have some of these products, you can visit my Tupperware Page or you can email me and we can talk about an online party or you can be an order taker among your friends and family and we can make it an AWESOME party ..... and you can reap the benefits!

The biggest benefits (free or almost) are through Oct 12, but you can still do this after Oct 12 through October 26 and still get a lot of these same benefits for a very small price .... and you can still get hostess credits!  Give me a shout and we can get you STARTED!

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