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Monday, May 14, 2012

How do YOU carry your Baby?

I really wish that they had baby slings when my kids were little.  I really think it would have made things so much easier for me and may have made them feel even more secure when we were out and about.

One of the slings available is the back pack, which looks pretty "comfortable" for both the baby and the carrier.  When my son was less than a year old, we had a back pack carrier that we got when we went on a New England Vacation.  Trust me when I tell you, THIS looks so much better.  Our carrier had a metal frame - and too heavy with baby inside, for me to use.  This carrier looks like I could have use this every day if needed.

I was recently introduced to this great site where you can wrap your baby so that you aren't lugging around a huge carrier, which is great in a vehicle but not so great when going from store to store or just "out in the world"

Have you seen the chatter about breastfeeding in public?  Of course you have.  Here is another great reason to wrap your baby - it makes discrete, hands-free nursing easy. 

 But there are lots of reasons you should wrap your baby, that I can't even begin to express here.  If you are interested in all the whys and not just take my word for it ...... you should check out Why you Should Wrap your baby.

I think this would make a great baby shower gift for any mother to be, whether she is thinking of breast feeding or not. It will make her life so much easier as she bonds with her child, runs her errands or visits with friends. And lets not forget the Dads. Even Dad's can get involved with these great products and help secure his bond with his new baby.

Although this is a paid post, all the opinions are my own.  I would have posted these opinions whether this was a paid post or not.  I do not allow remuneration to color my opinions.

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Terry (My Journey With Candida) said...

Having a sling makes it so much easier to do anything when you have a little one around. I wish they would of had things like this when I had my Daughter.