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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daddy's Day Gifts

Are you looking for something for Father's Day? I know when my kids were little I was ALWAYS looking for something (other than ties) for the kids to give for "Daddy's Day".

  I found some really cute ideas here at Ink Garden that would be great for anyone's Dad.
Wouldn't it be great for the kids to have breakfast with Daddy while he drinks his coffee from the very same mug they helped "create"?

I know this would be perfect ........ think about how proud Daddy's little Buddy would be to give this to their dad on Daddy's Day.

I know my kids would have loved these (not the usual finds in the store) when they were little - it can be their "special" present that they can look back on years from now and remember that "special" breakfast bond they shared.

Now if you are a "new" customer use  the code FREEFORDAD on Ink Garden to receive a  Free Notebook, Mouse Pad, or Coffee Mug for Dad (Just Pay Shipping)

USE Code: FREEFORDAD Shipping Rates:$4.99 for the Notebook, $5.99 for the Mug, $4.99 for the MousePad.

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