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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kindle Fire / Kindle Touch

Did you see the announcement today?  Were you part of the waiting masses that wanted to see just what Amazon had for us?

The Amazon tablet called Kindle Fire appears to be able to give the I-Pad / I-Pad2 a run for its money.  CNET had a review of sorts at New Amazon Tablet called the Kindle Fire on Monday, when we weren't positive that this was the name.  Even Techcruncher.com and the Telegraph in the UK was spreading the word - which looks pretty good.

CNET also noted the 2nd new Kindle that was unveiled the Kindle Touch as their entry to take on  the I-Pad.  But I have to say, I doubt this one will be the one to do that.  It doesn't have the same capability as the I-Pad - no WiFi, no microphone, no camera.  This could be a strong competitor to the Nook  or Nook Color .... hmmm maybe I should be looking at that one too.

There was also an announcement of the lowering in price of a Kindle at $79 for the E-Reader.

Now I have a Motorola Xoom, that I really love but I would LOVE to have been one of the testers for the Kindle Fire.  It does seem to have the same operating system as the Xoom but I'm just wondering what the differences are as well as the similarities.  My Xoom has a Kindle app (that I use very often) as well as my mobile internet access (bigger screen than my Droid, not overly heavy like my laptop).

I will definitely have to check this one out - especially since the Kindle Fire has a price of  $199, which is considerably less than both the Xoom and the I-Pad.  It has been touted as the I-Pad killer .... I'd LOVE to see that one first hand! 

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