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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hurricane Irene and our new "Awareness"

I have to say that even though we vacationed through Hurricane Andrew in Florida in 1992 I was not well prepared for Hurricane Irene.  Now I thought I was, having purchased water and ice and "easy to prepare" meals and products. But then again, since I live in New Jersey, hurricanes are not our norm.  Nor'easters yes, Hurricanes, no.

We really have been very lucky as far as loss of electricity is concerned - well at least until last week.  I don't think we have, in the last 30 years I have lived in this house, ever been without electricity for more than a day maybe two.

Irene, however hit us hard - we were without electric for 4.5 days.  Basically everything I had in my refrigerators and freezers is gone.  I am extremely sad as I clean out and throw out everything.  Perhaps if it had been just 2 days or so we might have been able to save some things, but not after 4.5 days.

When I was trying to cook dinner yesterday - I needed some ingredients that I KNEW I had in the freezer ......... the operative word was HAD.  I think that is one of the hardest things - I remember so many things I had in the freezer that I would use to cook without thinking.  I could look at a recipe or think of something to make and know that I had everything or almost everything in the freezer.  I wouldn't have to stop of the store before cooking.

I am trying to keep a positive spin on everything that has happened.

Yes I lost a lot of food, but some of it will be covered by our insurance, we just have to wait for the check.

Yes our sump pump didn't work because of the lack of electricity, but the heavy rain stopped earlier than they thought, and we got almost no water in the basement.  The water stopped rising up the sump hole - right at the top!  So we were very lucky to have no flooding like some others.

Yes, I have to clean out my freezers from all the spoiled food, but I can now clean and sanitize my recently "defrosted" freezers and not have to worry about keeping food cold while I do that.

Yes, I have to throw out probably a couple thousand dollars worth of frozen food, but now I get to restock my refrigerator and freezers with only the things we will DEFINITELY use and enjoy. 

I will have room now so I can make some "freezer" meals to have during the upcoming tax season when cooking is limited due to long hours of working, that we will just heat and eat.

If I had the money, I could do the Nutrisystem Frozen Food plan or try an order from Schwan's which was something I wanted to try, but didn't have room

See there is always a "bright side" to everything - you just have to look for it! 

Now that I've taken a break and my lunch is finished,  I better get back to my "cleaning" so that I can start looking for some good sales on meats and vegetables and other possibilities.

But please Mother Nature ......... no more.  Between the heavy winter at the beginning of the year, the earthquake and then the Hurricane ........ I really am tired and need for have a few years of no more "events" so that I can recoup and be ready for the next go 'round.

Thank you Mother Nature,
Your grateful Daughter

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Candice said...

Sorry to hear about your electricity. Here in Texas, we are going through horrible wildfires. Like you said, "please Mother Nature...no more"!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...happily following you back :)