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Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's National What Day??

Did you know that there are National "special" days?
I had heard of some days being "special" days, other than birthdays or holidays of course, like Pi Day and alike, but didn't realize that there were so many other "special" days out there.  

I just had to do a little research on special days and found what appears to be at least 1 "special" for each day of the year.

Like yesterday was National Lollipop Day.

 Did you know that already, I hadn't?

Or that today is National Junk Food Day? 
Could be a pretty special day don't you think? I mean its a day that they are telling you its "OK" to pig out on junk food.  
Can you see the long lines at the fast food joints today?  I'm already thinking of ways to get around to stay away from them.

Now it's also Get to know your Customers day (the 3rd Thursday of every quarter), but I try to do that every day.  I always try to make them feel special and remember their wants.

Sunday July 24th is National Tequila Day.  
I know we all think of it as part of Cinco de Mayo, 

or at least I did, so I guess you can say it has two days.

August seems like a whole month set up to celebrate Ice Cream


or Pies of all kinds.  

Now that's probably all a good thing since August is usually rather "warm" at least on the East Coast.

I am going to need to get a clean calendar to mark each of the days with their "special day" so that we can all celebrate some of those days that, at least in my world, have gone unnoticed.  But no more.

If you know of any of these really special days .. pass them on and I will add them to the calendar so we can all celebrate in style!  

Let's not let another day go without its due celebration.

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