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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Frankie by Jord #Woodwatches

I have recently hooked up with Jord, the designer of wonderful wood watches, and was looking around to see what they had to offer because the Summer Style is here!  If you would like to see what they have to offer, and believe me be ready to be impressed, check them out at Wood Watches by Jord.  

If you remember, I had reviewed one of their watches, but I know there were others that I was also interested in at the time.   So I just let my fingers do the walkin' and went to check out their site.  

This one, in the Frankie Series, is in a similar color family to the one I had reviewed.

The plum color of the face and the Purpleheart wood just seem to go together perfectly.  Purpleheart is from the Solomon Islands and is naturally a rich purple color.

I think this would be perfect for someone who wants color without it making a standout statement on their arm. 
Although I think Jord watches just make people stop and look no matter what the color.  Yes they are that unique.

But as I was looking around I saw another one in the same series with an awesome emerald color face that I bet would be beyond spectacular in person.

The darker coloring of this Sandalwood just seems to make the emerald face pop.  The hands and hour markers also seem to stand out much more on this one than on the plum face.  Perhaps that is just the light vs dark contrast, but I love it.  I would want everyone to see my Jord!

Now if you would want something that is in between the two, this one is perfect.

This is a Koa and Ash that could be less noticeable on your arm, but yet still a nice but unique watch and easy to read.  And of course if you have a nice summer tan, or you have a naturally darker skin, this could be a beautiful piece for your arm.  

I love that the Koa is a wood that is native to Hawaii and that the same wood could have different tones, from gold to reddish brown based on the harvest season.  I think that makes it very unique!

I can just see so many people coming up to you to ask ... 
What is that on your arm? Is it really a watch made from wood? 
It could even be a great conversation starter.
And then with the Swiss movement on the "inside" this watch could be your daily watch for a very long time.

Have you checked out the Jord WoodWatches yet?  
Do you have one already?  If so which one? 
Have you picked out one that you would love to have?  
To get 10% off the Frankie use CODE: FRANKIEsoHOT or 10% off the Frankie35 use CODE: 35FRANKIEsoHOT

If so which one speaks you to?

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