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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting ready for School Lunches

Some of you are dreading the end of summer and the beginning of the new school year.
Others are getting ready to start cheering.  Admit it ... you can't wait to have the kids in school for at least a few hours a day so you can get things done without them underfoot or whining that they are "bored".

One of the things I really hated about getting things ready for back to school was figuring out what to do with lunches.  Our schools didn't have the ability to have a daily purchased lunch until high school, so a lunch box that would last was a requirement.

I love some of these pieces from Tupperware that will help make at least this part of back to school easier.

Boys don't usually care one way or the other, but something like this will help keep their sandwiches or snacks from being crushed.

We have the same type of pieces for the girls, because they need to have something to keep their sandwiches and snacks safe too.

Or these pieces, if they would rather not be so loudly eco friendly.  No more crushed/smushed/or lost sandwiches in the bottom of the backpack.  No more "zip bags" or the "flapped" plastic bags that you are constantly buying.  These are great!

I love these pieces because there are so many ways you can use these.  How about using these as lunchtime bento boxes?  I think these would be perfect for that.

Or as shown, sandwich in the middle compartment, fruit on one side, chips or cheese crackers or whatever on the other.  It would be a perfect lunch box find.

I remember when my kids were in school, they could buy a container of milk (chocolate or white) to go with their lunches and then in the middle school they could also get orange juice.  How about sending their own juice or water in these?  You could even freeze a little bit of water or juice in them and then fill the rest of the way with unfrozen and it would help keep their lunch chilled until lunch time.  And they are really super cute too!

If you need a complete lunch set, this one is available in the Summer Catalog (only available for another month).  I personally love it.  I bought one just for me to use for work.  I can bring my own lunch from our leftovers  planned overs from the night before and be eco friendly at lunch time ... oh yeah and end up saving a ton of money not having to buy lunch (that was costing me about $10 a day!

And of course we can't forget the males - they may not always vocalize it but they like to be considered Eco friendly too.

And yes, all the pieces shown with the lunch bags are included ... pretty much wash, pack and go!

If you are looking to get your lunch solutions set before the made rush, check out my Tupperware Site and see what we have to offer.  I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Don't wait for the week before school starts and find that all the lunch box kits are gone and you are stuck with brown bags and plastic bags that don't protect their lunch.  Check them out now on my Tupperware site and get yours before the panic sets in!

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Michelle J. said...

These would be great for lunches, and I think my daughter would remember to bring hers home :)