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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Breakfast Anyone? Tupperware has the answer!

I think I need to start highlighting some of our Tupperware pieces that are on sale each month.  I say this because they are only available at a given sale price or only available period, in the mid-month brochure.  I think some people are missing some of these or may end up having to pay "full price" because they just missed the brochure.

Here is my first highlighted pieces from the mid-July brochure, which is available until midnight August 8th.  You can get them, and so much more on my Tupperware Site.

Since it is my first highlight, I thought lets start with Breakfast.  
Do you need help with keeping breakfast cereal from getting "soft" and "stale" tasting?

Save counter or pantry space while keeping breakfast cereal fresh and crunchy with the Keep-It-Krunchy Set

Includes 20-cup/4.8 L Super Cereal Storer 
and 13-cup/3.1 L Cereal Storer.

• The container is a cereal storer and server rolled into one! Avoid packages spilling cereal on the counter or floor instead of the bowl, or on the pantry shelves.
• Serve cereal or other dry goods with ease using the flip-open pour spout.
Super Cereal Storer is best for a family-size box of cereal, brownie, cake, muffin or pancake mixes, flour and granola or bread crumbs in bulk.
Cereal Storer is great for a standard box of cereal.
• Includes Crushed Raspberry and Tropical Water seals.
• Dishwasher safe.
Both are available now for just $19.00! A $36.00 value.

Do you have little ones that need to have "special" cereal bowls?  Or do you love hot cereal, even in the summer?  These are AWESOME because they are microwavable and everyone can have their own color!  When my kids were small - that was the biggest deal!!

Microwave Cereal Bowls

Sealed containers stack to save space; bowls nest for compact storage.
  • Set of four 2-cup/500 mL capacity bowls with seals
  • Virtually airtight and liquid-tight seals
  • Microwave safe, simply remove seals first.
  • In Crushed Raspberry/Limeaid/Tropical Water/Fuchsia Kiss.
All 4 for just $15, which is a $10 savings.

Now to round out the highlight of breakfast items that are on sale, we have some great tumblers that even little hands can handle.

Tupperware Impressions 11 oz Tumblers

Whether you are entertaining indoors or outdoors, serving or storing just got sensational! All pieces dishwasher safe.

• Set of four.
• Includes Drip-Less Straw Seals.
• In Crushed Raspberry/Limeaid/Tropical Water/Fuchsia Kiss.

All 4 tumblers are just $15.00, again a savings of $10.

And check it out - the colors are the same as the cereal bowls - everyone gets their own color.  And mom, you can tell who doesn't clean up after themselves without hearing "not me, I put my dishes in the dishwasher".

Remember if there is anything that I can do to help out with your Tupperware pieces or if you are looking for something Tupperware, you can always go to my site and look around, email me or message me here and I will get back to you so that we can make you Tupperware experience a great one.

If you decide you want to join my Tupperware team - I would be happy to explain the benefits and cost and then have you join me.  Just give me a shout!

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Mona said...

I love these pieces! Both the cereal keepers and cereal bowls are generous in size and easy to maintain.