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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Craft containers and so much more

I saw these in the mid-July brochure and thought they would be great for lunch boxes or snack boxes, but also for crafters!

I can see this being great for beads and needles and embroidery thread and scrapbook supplies and so much more.

At this price, $12 each, you could get a few and not break the bank, but still have everything organized and packed for road trips!

And then we have the One Touch Reminder Canister Set - that I absolutely LOVE and use for lots grains in my pantry - but think about other things you can use them for.  This price is a steal!

But we also have a new piece the One Touch Topper Canister Set ... that just gives you even more "space" to keep food OR craft supplies OR just about anything clean/dry/dust free!

And LOOK AT THE COLORS!  I think these are great to see when you open your cabinet or pantry - the colors are so cheery - so much so you just might want to keep them out!

I really have to pick up a set of these for myself!

But here's the thing ... these items are ONLY available at these prices until July 25th (at midnight eastern time) so if you want them I would not wait.  I can't even say that they will be available at ANY price after that date.... so check them out on my Tupperware Site where you can view these and so much more.  You could order right there (we love when you use your plastic to pick up your Tupperware here) or you can have a party of your own (we can get it set up on my site) or you can jump onto my current party (link in the upper right sidebar) or you can message me and I will call you for all your details.

But whatever you do ... don't miss out on these great offers!

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