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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Microwave Cake by Tupperware Ombre Style!

As soon as the madness of the Tax Season Crunch is over ... soon, soon, soon .... I am going to be making this cake - perhaps for Jenn's birthday.  I can see the Ombre Layer Cake in our future!!

The fact that I can make it in the microwave ... yes MICROWAVE ... will make it a hit when I'm late coming home from work, trying to get dinner ready for everyone (the start of birthday weekend) and still have an AWESOME looking and tasting dessert/birthday cake.

Now she's not a big fan of "pink" so I have to think about what color I should use to make this ...
Do you have any suggestions?  What color would you use to make this cake?

We could have made it green for St Patrick's Day ... we could do rainbow colors ... blue/green/violet.

Now you could be making this (and so many other things for breakfast to dessert) too if you had a Tupperware Stack Cooker.  And I LOVE our round cake taker in the mint green (mint ice cream)

If this or any of the Tupperware Recipes and Products interest you, check out my Tupperware Site to see the Stack Cooker and Power Chef System and so much more!

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