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Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Jenn

Oh look at the time.  I know EXACTLY where I was 24 years ago at EXACTLY this time ...
That's right.  She always did keep me up late at night and got me up early in the mornings ...
BUT we need to wishing someone very special to me a very

And I know you have seen this person before on these pages.
Just LOOK who is having a BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!

I just love the way your look has "changed" over years, 
all 24 of them!  You use to be such a camera hog.  

Then you discovered that you were pretty good on the "other side" of the camera ....

But every now and again I get to snap a few pictures (or find ones that someone else has taken)

But I will be nice and not post all the changes ...
Just a few.

And now you seem to just "hide" from the camera ... not fair.  I wonder is it any camera, or just mine?

But you just know we will be taking LOTS of pictures to celebrate this weekend..........

Happy Birthday Baby,

The world is your oyster
Grab it and place your mark!

But let's not miss any of those candles 
we want all those wishes to come true!

And here we have another one

Thanks Adam!

I may just do a post of
Jenn Birthday Pics
I know I will pay for that one

Oh yeah!!

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