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Monday, February 6, 2012


I know I don't usually watch a lot of professional sports anymore, especially the "championship" games since most of them are either totally lopsided - like one team forgets to actually show up to play.  But this year ........ well I did watch and I did enjoy the game.  It really was a great game, in my opinion, for both teams.

However .......... guess who won AGAIN!!
I know some extremely happy people in my office today!  

And speaking of a job well done ............... Here is your MVP

 But you know he was pretty inspiring too ...
gotta love his salsa dance.

 And of course you have this game changing catch .......... thank you Mr Manningham!

Tell me, what did you think about the "other" part of the game? What commercials did you really like and which do you think kind of "missed"?

And halftime? Did you like the halftime show? Did you see what was so "controversial" during the show? I have to say I wasn't all that impressed and I did miss the controversial scene .... but I guess between this and wardrobe malfunctions and dull/boring shows - half time is the time for snack refills/drink refills and bathroom breaks.

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