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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Movie Night Coupon of the Day

I'm feeling like I really want to do a movie night. You know what I mean, a weekend night (or nights) where you don't plan anything but hanging at home with the hubs (significant other, family and.or friends) and just relax. But of course you can't just "sit" there - you need to pop in a movie and chill.

$3.00 off Legally Blonde on Blu-ray™Now I don't think the hubs would really like to sit and watch this one (although the other night it was on cable and he was laughing at a few scenes before he switched the channel) but it really was a cute movie.  I think the first "Legally Blonde" movie I saw was when my daughter was a kid and a few of her friends wanted to go and asked if I wanted to go with them ....... kind of like a mom/daughter day

$4.00 off Knight and Day on Blu-ray™I did see Knight and Day but I thought it was kind of fun.  But then between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz ...... what's not to be fun?  It is another one of those movies that, although will never be a "classic" it is one that you can watch over again without doing the "not again" whine.

$1.00 off one bag of M&M'S PretzelAnd what movie watching would be complete with out some "munchies" ... and don't this M&M Pretzel's look soooo good ?? Oh yes I think this would be a perfect movie companion.

I'm thinking I should just grab a few of these coupons and plan my weekend right now ..... before someone else plans it for me.  How about you?  Any plans for the weekend?

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