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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday Monday - The Fresh Diet Way.

Good morning good morning!  Yes it should be an EXCELLENT morning here in Fresh Diet land, but for me it's not the best of days - but it has nothing to do with The Fresh Diet.  My little buddy was waiting for me this morning right outside my door, but I got whatever Jenn had last week.  It started Sunday night a little before the Super Bowl and lasted all night long, and then into Monday.  When she had said she had to die to feel better, I thought she was being a bit "overly" dramatic (she can be my "Sarah Bearnard" actress) ..... well I can now say she wasn't.  So today's review is actually being done by my daughter Jenn, since she didn't get a delivery today ... so none of my meals will go to waste.

Breakfast was Apple Walnut Muffin with Fresh Banana and Raspberry Yogurt.  This would be great as a grab and go meal, even though she was able to eat it before she ran off for classes.  The muffin was very moist and hat quite a few walnuts in it.  Jenn said even the banana had a good taste to it and the "cut end" of the banana was still pretty firm (you know how it can get "funny" once its protective skin is removed).  All in all, Jenn enjoyed this one

Lunch was White Albacore Tuna Salad and Baby Lettuce on Spinach Tortilla Wrap.  Again this was right up Jenn's alley of easy meals for a busy college kid.  Because this was one of her "early days" she was able to eat this when she got home around 1:30 ... but as she said it would be great to have on her late days too - its easy to carry and eat and tastes great too.  The only thing she did (since she has had this before) was add more mayo .... but since she is not fighting her weight - it didn't cause any problems for her.  As you can probably see, when it was cut in half .... mayo oozed out (like I said she added mayo).  I would have eaten it just as it was ....

Snack for the day was Red and Yellow Tomato with Goat Cheese and Fresh Basil.  The goat cheese was very creamy so it was a nice combination with the basil and tomato slices.  She is just starting to really experiment with cheeses (she was a slow start) and although she like tomato sauce, she isn't fond of plain tomatoes, so I was surprised that she enjoyed this one - but she said it wasn't overpowering and the tomato slices weren't too thick.

Dinner was Citrus Marinated Beef Stir-Fry with Black Barley Pilaf and Exotic Mushroom Ragout.  Now she doesn't like mushrooms at all - so that part of the meal was not eaten, but the rest of it was "pretty good".  I think this is a high rating from the fast food/take out (pizza/chinese/sushi are staples) queen.  I would not be surprised if I see this one show up in her list of meals the next time it is available.

Dessert was Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with Creamy Vanilla Ricotta Cheese.  These happen to be one of my favorite desserts.  Jenn even said to me at lunch - You HAVE to feel better you have Chocolate Covered Strawberries .............  Well she was so sweet and plated it for me to eat last night, but I just couldn't.  I was starting to feel much better but to be honest, was afraid that would be too much for my stomach ... so it is sitting in the fridge for me to have maybe tomorrow - wonder what snack or dessert I will give up to have these ???  But I will have them soon so that they don't go to waste - THAT is for sure.

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Kelly said...

Oh my, these would be gobbled up for sure if they were in my fridge:) Hope you are able to enjoy them :)

Belle Jaeger said...

All of the above made me hungry especially since I just started weight watchers for the first time ever! Thanks for sharing~ Belle