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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life's Little Lessons

Here is week 24 of Life's Little Instruction Book review.

103)  Use credit cards only for convenience, never for credit.
   We need to be living within our means and stop competing with the Jones'.  I think, if more people did this we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now.  There are lots of things that are wrong with the current situation, but the attitude that seems to prevail (and has for a while) is that I DESERVE something and I MUST have it now and worry about paying for it later.  Perhaps this is my non-PC moment for the day - but darn it I'm tired of hearing about people needing to be bailed out because they didn't plan like I've been doing my entire life!  Where is my "bail out" coming from?

104)  Take a brisk thirty-minute walk every day.
  Great idea - and one that I SHOULD be doing - but if I can do this 3 times a week I am a happy camper.  And then shoot for more each week.
105)  Treat yourself to a massage on your birthday.
   Personally I love this - a treat for yourself - one that you can plan for each year and makes adding another year to your age a little more pleasant.

106)  Never Cheat
   A no-brainer here - eventually you always get caught.

107)  Smile a lot.  It costs nothing and is beyond price.
  It will make you feel better, make you look better and makes everyone that sees you feel better.  You get to spread a little happiness one person at a time - starting with YOU.

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Mimi said...

You know I have been smiling more & it feels great.

I can't wait to get my prize pack!

Hugs & love,