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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fire Safety Pledge

Click on the link and take the fire safety pledge and perhaps your fire department could win $10,000 this fall.

Liberty Mutual has a great program going on that you REALLY should be part of.  It is really easy.  There is no reason you shouldn't be able to get most if not all of these questions correct - but if you get them wrong - they tell you what the correct answer is!
It could be a great learning experience for the kids - even Grade School kids should know these.  And with a little help from their teachers .... I bet they could!  This could be part of a fire safety program.  Hey get your fire department involved with the kids.   Lets face it kids LOVE FIRETRUCKS, get your fire department there and it becomes a win-win situation!

Test your fire safety IQ by taking our quiz.
Then credit your quiz to your local fire department. Spread the word to family, friends and neighbors and watch your fire department rise on the leader board.

I've got my local volunteer fire department in the hunt - how about yours?  $10,000 is nothing to sneeze about - all that equipment costs much more money than you think - and this could help out.

  Volunteer or Professional - this could be a huge donation for them.  What are you waiting for ??
Take the fire safety pledge  now!


Mimi said...

How cool. After my little dress up at the fire house last weekend I can really empathize. I'm off to take the quiz!

Hugs & love,

Mimi said...

I'm going to repost this next week if you don't mind.