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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Grades Have Improved

This is a guest blog post from a friend of mine, John D. Serring

I have had to take many internet classes over the past 3 years and happily, my school days are almost behind me so I can go out into the world and apply what I have learned. Two semesters ago, I took a class that was not very hard but the teacher felt the need to add a lot of busy work to the curriculum. Most of this work was to research cooking websites for recipes that we could alter with our own twist and then prepare them in class so that they could be presented to the student body for a cooking contest.

The week before I had been given this assignment for my cooking class, I signed up for hughes internet Oregon service because I was tired of dealing with my cable company. After this assignment, I was so glad that I did. Before I would have been up all night just trying to load the websites to look at the recipes but with hughes net internet service I was able to search sights so much faster and I have noticed that I have been getting my assignments completed in half the time if not quicker. I am so pleased and my teachers are please as well because my schoolwork has improved thus causing my grades to improve as well. I am so very pleased.

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