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Monday, January 18, 2010

Life's Little Lessons

Here's week 2 of our Life's Little Instruction Book Lessons:

6) Have a firm handshake.
Having a firm handshake makes people take you seriously. Firm NOT crushing. I want to have my hand BACK when I shake with you. But not whimpy either. Who wants to shake hands with a wet noodle?

7) Look people in the eye.
It is very difficult to lie or be lied to when you are looking into someone's eyes. And then they do say the eyes are the doorways to the soul.

8) Say "thank you" a lot.
This lets people know that you appreciate what they have done. Nothing is taken for granted by you.

9) Say "please" a lot.
This lets people know that you are asking for help - not expecting to be waited on.

10) Learn to play a musical instrument.
Expand your mind - learn something that uses a different part of your brain so that you can learn even more.

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