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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year - I'M BAAAAAACK!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Sorry I've been gone for almost a month now - although the reason for my being gone was not totally by choice.

Yes I would have taken time off for the holidays - it was crazy here with everyone here for the holidays, which meant LOTS of cooking (but that's ok cause I do love that).

My son unfortunately didn't get to come up for Christmas - but that was because he got the virus that seems to be hitting almost everyone lately and just wanted to die. As I had said to my sister - if he had to get this bug, it was good that he got it BEFORE he started on his 7+ hour drive up home and not during or after arriving here. It took almost 4 days for him to feel human again. Although I was sad to not have him here for the holidays - I'm glad that he was able to spend most of the time sleeping and getting better.

My daughter's new boyfriend - yes we now have a Marine "in the family" so we have pretty much covered all the armed services - was visiting us while he was on leave over the holidays. It was fun having him here. It was almost like a continuation of our time in California for the Marine Corp Ball. We were all sad to see him leave after New Years.

So that was the GOOD things that happened over the time away from my blog. The BAD thing - was the blue screen of death on my laptop. Unfortunately I ended up losing some of the files I had on my laptop (didn't do complete backups for a few weeks) because we had to reset back to factory setting to get everything fixed. I am still trying to get everything back to "normal" since the factory settings means 4 years worth of updates on programs ........

But all will be good soon - there will be no lapse in backing up data from now on - and I will be looking for a new laptop soon.

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